“I swear this dude has magic”

When I was younger, if there were some sort of title for “World’s Worst Big Sister” I’m sure I would have gotten it. I guess it’s why I try so hard to be nice to my little brother these days. Over the years he went from the cute-little-annoying bug to being the big-tall-larger-than-life-awesomemest-dude-alive.

When he was 3 going on 4, he followed me about the place. Sadly, my legs were too long for him to keep up with in those days. Now when I stand in front him my head doesn’t even brush the top of his shoulder. His legs are the sort of long mine will never be in this life.

One of his steps is twice one of mine. Still, he never leaves me behind. He still follows me about. This is how I know that he’s always going to be a way better person than me.

On mornings (like this one) when I wake up feeling blue, it takes him all of 10 seconds and a silly grin to set me straight. I swear this dude has magic.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

“…one thing I don’t need perfect vision to see…”

I keep forgetting I need to wear my glasses. Otherwise, the far away is just a blur. Does it really change how I see the world though?

I can still see the coconut branches swaying gently, gently in the fading light. I can still see that the sky is a pale, pale blue under the grey kissed clouds. The world is still beautiful even if my vision is blurred.

When I was 5 or 6, there was a huge neem tree in our backyard. I used to climb it and look at the world the same as I do now. More than two decades later, the tree is gone and the back veranda is my preferred spot. Here, I sit in my towel and air-dry after a shower. Here is where I watch the last of my day die. What would I trade it for?

I think that’s the wrong question. The question is what would I add to it? Or who? Perhaps, nothing or just maybe there’s one thing, one thing I see better than I see the world or me. These days there’s one thing I see so clearly with my eyes closed; one thing I don’t need perfect vision to see or know better than I know the million trillion thoughts that flow through my mind.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.